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We don't just think mobile first, we think Dark first.

At DarkMode Devs, we are passionate about web development, and dedicated to exceeding client expectations with top-notch solutions. By understanding your business, industry, and audience, we create tailored web solutions.

We stay current with trends and technologies, delivering innovative digital experiences. Our company values transparency, communication, and collaboration throughout the entire process, from initial consultations to ongoing maintenance.

Quality is our priority. Each project undergoes meticulous crafting for flawless functionality, stunning aesthetics, and seamless user experiences. Whether you're a startup, growing business, or enterprise, partner with us to bring your digital vision to life and achieve online success.


We value planning your website's structure prior to development. Our collaboration will yield detailed wireframes depicting layout, functionality, and user experience. These blueprints ensure your vision becomes a stunning, user-friendly digital interface.

CMS/Custom Web & App Design and Development

We create custom websites and apps that match your business goals. Through collaboration, we grasp your brand and audience, crafting a compelling digital presence. Our expertise spans responsive web design and user-friendly app development, aiming to enhance your online impact.

Landing Page Design

Initial digital impressions are crucial. Our compelling landing pages drive visitor engagement and action, using smart design and strategic call-to-action placement for heightened conversions. Perfect for product launches, campaigns, and lead generation enhancement, our designs leave a lasting impact.

eCommerce Sites & Apps

Maximize online commerce potential with our eCommerce expertise. We build user-friendly platforms driving sales and conversions. Collaborating closely, we grasp your goals, audience, and unique selling points, delivering a seamless shopping experience. Our end-to-end solutions cover everything from product catalogs to secure payments, enhancing your online store's success.

Desktop Application Design & Development

We create tailored desktop apps that meet your business needs, boosting productivity and user experience. Our expertise lies in cross-platform apps, ensuring consistent performance across different systems.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In today's digital landscape, SaaS transforms business operations. Our scalable solutions optimize productivity and growth, offering custom CRM, project management, and more. Collaborating closely, we tailor to your needs from concept to ongoing support. Trust us as your SaaS development partner.

AI Integration

We effortlessly infuse AI into platforms for enhanced potential. Identifying fitting AI tech, we seamlessly integrate for peak performance and functionality.

Google My Business Management

As certified Google My Business Managers, we bolster online presence for customer attraction. Boost local search visibility and brand reputation with our services. We optimize your profile using best practices, keeping info current and accurate. We manage reviews, information, and enhance local search rankings proactively.

Social Media Management

We grasp brand identity's significance. Our social media management sustains a consistent, engaging, well-kept online presence.

Graphic, Logo, and Ad Design

We partner to craft captivating visuals - logos, ads, and social assets. Combining aesthetics and brand insight, our designs resonate powerfully.

Support & Ongoing Maintenance

Our partnership goes beyond launch. Our dedicated support ensures ongoing flawless functionality. From updates to security, bug fixes to optimization, we manage maintenance, freeing you for core tasks. Count on us for up-to-date, secure, smooth software.


Ranges from $25-$50 per hour depending on the service(s). If you would like a flat rate within your current budget, we can provide that as well. Please schedule a FREE consultation below to discuss your project.

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Founder & CEOs Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

Web - Custom

Azur Agency Website

Azur Agency

Web - Custom

CBMC AZ Website


Web - CMS

Shaking Cups App

Shaking Cups

Web App

  • FULL STACK JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPERS: According to a 2023 Developer Skills Report by Hacker Rank, JavaScript Developers are in high demand and JavaScript is ranked #4 in the list of top programming languages to be learning right now.
  • WHO THIS IS FOR: For those who are on a self-taught path and need a mentor, and for those that want to couple mentorship with a coding bootcamp or university program.
  • TOP IN-DEMAND SKILLS: Problem Solving, pair-programming with AI, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, Node JS, Express, SQL, MongoDB, and REST APIs.
  • WHAT WILL YOU GET? Watch the video to the left.
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Fernando Trejo

Founder & CEO/CTO
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Irina Mityugova

Director of Marketing
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Phillip Katz

Full Stack Developer Intern
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